Easter colours

Discover the colours and decorations for Easter 2024.

Be inspired by Blanc MariClo' tips.

As Easter approaches, an atmosphere of rebirth and renewal permeates the air. It is the perfect time to embrace pastel colours, which evoke sweet memories of springs past and herald brighter days ahead. Among all these delicate tones, there is one that shines with particular grace: pink.

Pink is a colour that carries multiple meanings, all in tune with the Easter spirit. Firstly, it represents joy and happiness, feelings that pervade the celebration of Easter as a festival of hope and rebirth. Pink also symbolises love and compassion, values central to the Easter message of forgiveness and redemption.


In Easter furniture and decorations, pink adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. It can be used in various creative ways, from table settings to home decorations.

Eggs painted pink become miniature works of art, symbolising the new life and rebirth that Easter brings.


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